frequent questions

Here are some of the very sensible things we have been asked...

frequent questions

What age group is the party for?

Our recommendation is 4 years old onwards.

How long is the party?

A party can be as long as you need. If you want it in the daytime you are welcome to have it for as little or many hours you require.

When do you collect the equipment?

We will arrange a pick up that suits you, whichever package you chose.

Do you provide party food?

Unfortunately we do not provide food. We do however provide cocoa, marshmallows and a wooden rustic cake stand for a party cake.

Do you look after the kids?

We can provide a registered nanny if you require one. We book with childcare agency's in your local area.

How much space do I need?

That depends on how many tents you would like. Each tent is 1.2m x 2m. We can be very creative with our layout to maximise the space available. Contact us with your requirements and we can have a chat about space.

Is bedding provided?

Yes, we provide an air bed, sheets, pillows and fleeces.

Is your bedding hypo-allergenic?

Yes, we use hypo-allergenic pillows and cotton sheets. All our bedding is washed in a non-biological washing powder and without fabric conditioner as recommended by the Eczema Society.

Can we use your equipment outside?

Our tents are designed for indoor use only.

What if we have a spill or mishap?

Accidents happen. We don't take additional deposits for our equipment but damage to the tents or the tree will incur a charge as these items are expensive.